1 or 2 Pages: How Long Should a Resume Be?

1 or 2 Pages: How Long Should a Resume Be?

"Is my resume too long or too short?

"Should my resume be single or multiple pages?"

The short answer is it doesn't matter. What matters is tailoring your resume to fit what employers are looking for. Let's talk about how to do that.

Don't worry about length – focus on including relevant skills, certifications, or keywords employers are looking for. When writing descriptions of your work history, be sure to list accomplishments or duties that serve as examples to future employers of how you'll help them.

Some other tips:

  • Put education before work history if it's more important to employers. For example, teachers or students with less work experience should put education first.
  • Avoid very long job descriptions. List 3-5 accomplishments or duties that are most important to future employers.
  • List experience and education from recent to oldest.

That's it! Happy resume writing and good luck on your job search.